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Sun Pool Mallorca S.L.

Commitment and expertise

We are a company founded in 1993, with many years of experience in the pool industry. Our team reliably and efficiently guarantees pool construction and renovation. As members of TOPRAS, the German pool construction trade association, we have access to high-quality products from renowned German manufacturers in the pool sector.

At Sun Pool Mallorca SL, the quality of our services is paramount. We have our own pool maintenance service to ensure that water quality is always assured and that we can solve any issues in record time.

Your well-being matters to us!

From planning to execution, you bring the idea and we bring it to life. Our team will provide you with personalized advice, working together with you to develop the perfect project.

A perfectly designed pool requires a well-equipped machinery room. We guarantee a crystal-clear pool all year round.

Our services range from pool maintenance and cleaning to technical inspections to keep your pool clean and crystal clear.

With 30 years of experience in the market, we are capable of solving any pool-related issues you may encounter.

You can also opt for something smaller and relaxing. Customize your perfect sauna or ideal Turkish bath with us for your home.

We install water treatment systems using osmosis technology, providing a healthier solution, and reducing calcium levels in the water.

Enhance your home with a pool or relaxation area. From idea to planning and implementation, we are by your side to make it a reality and exceed your expectations.

Dream Pools References

Here you can see a small selection of our work.


The Pool Podcast

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THE EXPERTS IN POOLS PODCAST. Episode 63: “Second-hand Pools.” More and more people are buying properties abroad, and if it has a pool, the happiness is complete. Jens Langer from Sun Pool Mallorca SL, a pool retailer in Mallorca, knows what to consider when buying a used pool, how to renovate it, or upgrade it with top-quality technology…

THE EXPERTS IN POOLS PODCAST. Episode 64: “Luxury Pools in Mallorca.” As a continuation of episode 63, Markus and Dietmar report again from Mallorca about spectacular pool installations for those who plan to build a luxury pool or seek inspiration to create small dream pools at home. Jens Langer from Sun Pool Mallorca SL, a pool distributor in Mallorca, is invited again in this summer episode, as he deals with pools like these every day and knows that Mallorca is the perfect place for high-end pools…

Kontaktieren Sie uns


Carrer Camp Franc 49

07610 Poligono de Son Oms

Islas Baleares, España

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday from 8:30 to 15:00

Phone: +34 971 – 166 666

Mob.: +34 629 – 752 298

Email: service@sunpool.de

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